New Traditions



When we made our purchases at the bird store the other day, we were handed a small packet of bird seed mix with our receipt. The young lady said, “Put these out on Christmas morning and good things will happen in the new year.” I had not heard of this tradition, and was a bit skeptical that it was just a ploy to make you go back and say, “Wow! That seed really worked! I need to buy a big bag of it from you. Is it a special mix?” My cynicism has been dispelled however, since the internet is full of information testifying to this tradition in Sweden.

I’m starting a few new traditions this year. The bird seed is one, and the new vegan gingerbread cake recipe that I found on Facebook last week. It has already been baked twice and it will be firmly lodged in our Christmas Customs from now on.

Next up? Danish aebleskiver for breakfast after we get back from singing at the Christmas Day mass. We usually fry up some fruitcake, but there was none to be had in the shops the other day! It will have to be our New Year’s Day special now.

Have a wonderful December 25th!

Scatter seed to feed
the wild birds on Christmas Day—
Swedes say it brings luck.

Kathleen Mortensen © 2016